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Mammoth tusk catalog

«NASh Ice Age» offers wide assortment of products from a tusk of the mammoth, created by the best Russian masters - Holmogory, Arkhangelsk, Tobolsk, Khotkovo, etc. And as a collection of works of the Chinese carvers.

Our products from a tusk of a mammoth is excellent gifts for your relatives and colleagues. Products from a tusk of the mammoth, the engraved canines of a walrus and a teeth of a cachalot use popularity.

Yor can be seen the most part of works in our museum (VDNKh) and in the shop "Art mammoth"(Skolkovsky highway 31, TC "Sport-Hit", З fl.).

You also can order work of any complexity. Also we can use yours sketches.

Phones for the information: +7(495)974-00-58 and +7(916)500-10-91.


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